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Welcome To Chariotís Internet-Based CAHSEE Prep Service

Chariotís CAHSEE Prep System lets schools and districts provide an accessible, economical method to help their students prepare for the CAHSEE. Chariot's service offers an effective CAHSEE prep solution that is guaranteed to help raise any studentís score.

If you are the parent of a student or a student who needs to prepare for the CAHSEE, click here.

About The System

The CAHSEE Prep system is hosted by Chariot and is licensed to a campus or an entire district. No investment in hardware, software or staff training is required. For each campus licensed, there is no limit on the number of students that can use the system.

  • The system includes an Administration Center, a Testing Center and a Study Center.
  • The Testing Center presents standards-based, full-length tests that provide immediate diagnostic results.
  • The Study Center presents review material and practice quizzes that provide feedback and diagnostics for the student.
  • The Testing Center and the Study Center contain both math and English subject matter.
  • The Administration Center allows designated instructors to monitor student progress and generate reports. Please click here to view the administrator's user guide.
  • The system can be used for remediation on school computers and/or as a self-paced test prep system accessible by students from their home computer.

How Does Chariotís Service Help Students Prepare for the CAHSEE?

Students need different levels of preparation. Because the system provides a way to rapidly benchmark student readiness, students that just need to refresh their math skills and those that have test anxiety will use the system independently. Students that require more rigorous remediation are quickly identified so teachers and administrators can direct their remediation resources to those students who need it most.

Regardless of the level of preparation required, todayís students are Internet-savvy and prefer computer-based test prep to traditional workbook-oriented test prep.

How Can Our School Get Started?

We encourage principals, teachers and CAHSEE coordinators to visit our demo site and try out the system. If your school decides to license the system, students and teachers can be using the system in a matter of days.

We know that formal district purchasing procedures can sometimes be prolonged, so Chariot will set up a school or campus and provide access to the system for 45 days based on a requisition number.

Note: The Department of Education has made funds available for CAHSEE preparation materials and services. Funding sources can be reviewed here.

New! CAHSEE Test Prep Appliance
Click here to learn more about Chariotís solution for districts that want to host our CAHSEE test prep software on their own network.

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